Learning Love and Laughter

ImageMama said there would be days like this!

I’m pretty awesome at learning, I catch on pretty quick…. for most stuff. Except this potty thing! Mama puts these pee pee pads (that’s what she calls them) down so that if I have to pee before I get outside I have a place to go. I have had a couple accidents, but mama is so nice! She doesn’t yell at me, she just says that I will get better and that we will keep trying to make it outside.

Do you know that every time I wake up, she takes me outside! Some times I follow Blaze around as I figure he has this trick down pat, and besides he always smells really cool stuff! I also like to walk beside him, it makes me feel more like I’m part of his pack.

Mama gave us some of that really yummy raw chicken, that has bones (I think she said it a drumstick). She also gives us this dried treat, she said its duck. I usually get it when I’ve been really good in learning stuff. I do have a bit of practicing to do, but mama says that’s ok, I’ll get that too.

My new buddy Blaze sometimes growls at me, he even will show his teeth, which is kind of scary at first. I hope he doesn’t keep it up for long. Then there is the cat, his name is Jingles. He is not very nice, he makes this noise at me, sounds like a “hiss” and then swats me with his paws. I have no idea why he does that… but he misses every time!

I love being able to sleep on the big bed with mama and daddy. I like to cuddle with them and you can find me between the two of them! Blaze seems to like going to his “den” so it’s usually just me.

I am not to happy when I go for a walk and hear cars, they scare me!  But don’t let that fool you, I don’t like bicycle’s either, I saw one with mama yesterday evening and growled at him too! Then this morning a new dog came to my yard and I growled at him! I didn’t know he was a friend of Blaze’s.

There is a lot of love and laughing here, I like it a lot.


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