Today Mama wanted to go do some stuff and was going to take me. I don’t like to get in the car unless I can sit on her lap. I feel safe when snuggled with her and then Blaze sits with us. Mama cuddles us both! Well today Mama was not going to be able to cuddle me because she was going to be driving. I got scared and held on really tight to her, I didn’t want to sit by myself. So mama asked daddy to take care of me while she went to do her stuff and Blaze got to go with her. 

I stayed behind and daddy gave me scratches and cuddles, but I was really scared. I missed mama a lot :(. I don’t like it when she goes away. Daddy was scratching me at one point and I got up to go to the door that takes me outside, and I cried for mama. Daddy says I howled, he also told mama when she came back that he couldn’t do any work because I kept wanting him to cuddle me. 

Mama came back and I was so happy, I was doing my little dog dance that I do when she comes home! I always make her laugh 🙂  Image

Oh and guess what! I am now using the outside for potty! Mama was so happy yesterday and this morning! I got a treat, and I sat for that too! She said I have very good manners!! 

My chicken drumstick was so good this morning, but I am still feeling hungry afterwards. Mama said that she is going to check and make sure I am getting enough for breakfast as well as go see the special doctor and maybe get medicine for worms! 



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