I’m home!!


Well it’s official! I’m not going anywhere! Mama told the lovely lady at Out of the House Rescue https://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-of-the-Dog-House-Rescue/208585425901723 that I’m at my fur-ever home! I am so happy that I will do my happy dance that makes mama and daddy laugh and smile at me! *WOOF*


Yesterday mama and daddy went to this place to get me and Blaze some new food. She says it is called “game”. When we got home, I had my first ever moose bone, boy was it yummy! Blaze likes to eat his in his own den and I like to at mine on the doggie pillow on the floor. Mama spoils us rotten, but boy do I love it! 

I’ve had a week of raw chicken and you know, its pretty good! There is bones in it, and mama says it helps remove the yucky stuff that builds up on my teeth.  She showed me Blaze’s teeth all I can say is WOOF! His teeth are shiny and white! Mama says mine are very good too! 

I overheard mama and daddy talking this morning about taking me to that place, I think she said vet!! I trust mama though, I know she won’t take me somewhere that would hurt me. Blaze says he likes going there, cuz they give him treats and lots of scratches! He has friends named Tanya and Rhiannon that he says are awesome!  Mama says she wants to get me de-wormed and wants to get Blaze’s T-4 tested, I don’t know what that is, but maybe that will not make him grumpy at night because during the day we are buddies, we hang out, sit together, sleep together and car ride together; we even share mama’s lap in the car when daddy drives! 

I’ve learned that in order to get any treats, I have to sit very nice! Mama says I’ve gotten so good at this! *grins* that I love to make her proud of me! I’m still not very good about not jumping in the kitchen though. I can’t help it! I smell this great food and I just think its all for me, but when its not, she says that I will learn that my food isn’t going to go away, that I will always have a meal no matter where we are. 

I love to cuddle and when I try to play with mama, I fling my front paws at her while on my back. She has shown me some fuzzy toys and a ball, but I don’t know what to do with them. I even watch Blaze go super crazy over that furry thing outside that I can see! Blaze says its a squirrel and that we chase them! I dunno, I have growled a couple of times and jumped on top of his den to see better, but that’s about it. 

As for the round thing that I am supposed to chase, I don’t find it very interesting. I just love to be beside mama or daddy, and be playful with my paws, lol. Last night, we were all outside in the grassy place, and Blaze was running super fast and he was playing with mama. He looked so happy, that daddy tried to get me to play that way, but I wasn’t interested. Oh and my leash came off my collar and I went right to mama! She was so proud of me! I just walked right up to her, just made sense to me. But I could tell that mama was relieved that I didn’t run away. I think I would be super scared if I ran away, with all those cars on the road, combined with those loud motorcycles (they really bother my ears), I would be in big trouble and I don’t know if I could find my way home again! So I will stay here. 

Well this ends my first week at my new home! I can’t believe I have my own fur-ever home! I’m the happiest puppy in the whole world! 

Wiggles and Waggles!


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