Popcorn, Pee and Poop

Image I’ve been having accidents in the house *blush*. Mama puts floor mats down and I have been confusing them with potty pads, so now she has taken them away. I’ve been told “NO” and “BAD GIRL” a few times.  Mama takes me out a lot and when I have an accident, mama says that she just needs to figure out what “signal” I am giving. I know that she is my mama and that she loves me, but I am not sure she won’t do bad stuff like the other people did. Mama just says that it will take lots of practice. I also don’t get treats when I pee in the house *pout*.

I had some really runny poop over the weekend and it was from eating that super yummy meat that mama and daddy got from those nice people! The bones were so yummy, but I think my tummy was not expecting it to be so rich! So all of yesterday I had to have this white stuff (rice) with cooked chicken so my tummy would settle down. Oh and mama put some stuff on my food, so that my tummy would get special stuff to line my intestine, I think she said was called a probiotic. Either way I’m feeling much better and my poop is back to normal now. 

OMG, today mama was having this super yummy popcorn. I didn’t know what it was, except that it tasted really good, I even tried to sneak her whole bowl! 

OOO I almost forgot to share that Blaze and I are becoming very good friends, and that one of the cats, the orange one, Cinder I think his name is, we were trying to play the other day. He’s such a cute lil guy! Then Jingles (that’s the big grey/white one), he was laying on the top of a kennel and he and I were going back and forth with our paws! It was so fun, I would go one way and Jingles would go the other. *snickers* I will get that kitty before too long and I bet I can play with him like I see Blaze does!

Mama says she wants to take a picture of me doing my “dancing”. She says I’m really good and that she loves it. I must remember to practice my steps! 



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