Sunday Ramblings


Today I thought I would write a post. Usually it is Lucy who does, but today mama needs to vent about her little darlings. 

Do you ever have those days where no matter what you do, your pets test you? This weekend has been that way for me. 

Saturday found Lucy finding her voice! While normally I would be thrilled that she is feeling more comfortable in our home, the test she was presenting me with, was one where the moment I left the car to go into the shop, she would deliberately start to bark. I knew what she wanted, she could see me and wanted to be where I was.  I have a bark deterrent that I used yesterday. It is a bottle of compressed air; when you press the button it lets out a bunch of air, but animals don’t like the sound it makes and usually it stops them from doing their bad behavior. Lucy, thought to test me…. a lot! 

Lucy also got away from me too, that will be the first and last time, she doesn’t wear her leash inside the car! I had taken it off at one point yesterday to give her a break from wearing it, and also because I worry that if I am not in the car, there is a risk she could choke herself. I panicked, but she ran into the store I had been in and the ladies were helpful in making sure she didn’t run back out the door! It was a very scary moment for me. 

Today was a whole new set of antics! Jingles felt the need to get into bird seed! Seriously, who does that? Apparently my cat does! Recently it was the mixture for my compost that he had gotten into, and let’s not forget getting into the cupboards and eating all of their treats!  Ella, has been continually batting the blinds, which is her way of telling me she wants something. I ignore it as long as I can, because I refuse to be any more dictated by my animals than I already am; but she increases her tenacity of it. More and more batting, then she comes into my room and becomes vocal and gets into whatever she can to annoy me. 

Let’s not forget Cinder, he insists on picking on my fish tank! I have babies and he just seems to continually bat the tank! 

*ahhh, inhale and slowly let it out* 

All it takes is a moment of cuddles from Miss Lucy, or a Wiggle Bum from Blaze and my heart melts. The cats also have their own moments that melt my heart, watching them bond, or wanting to snuggle or pets from me, remind me of the moments that I fell in love with each of my pets. 

Being a parent takes may forms, as frustrated as I may get sometimes, I would be devastated if not one of them were here with me today. 



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