An Accident and the Vet


Mama made a mistake “tsk tsk” and accidently put MY BLOG post on her grown up one, she says that you can read it here

Now onto my new post!

After mama and our friend K spoke for awhile I was taken to the doctor’s office. Mama brought Blaze to keep me company. We saw a Dr. Sharma at his office I even walked in and didn’t try to run away! Trust my paws when I say that anytime mama takes me somewhere that isn’t like home, I don’t EVER want to go in. She says I’m askeerd *that’s dog speak for scared* of sounds too loud, places that I don’t know and people that are new. I always want to sit on my mama’s lap and put my paws on either side of her neck and my head under her chin. Mama always makes me feel so safe and she’s warm too!

So I met Dr. S, he is a soft spoken man. He was kind to me, but I was better so long as mama held me and talked to me softly. Doctor said that my incision line is infected from the inside out, so he gave me this shot that I did not like. Now I have to take some medicine that mama hides in my food. 

I’m kinda sleepy so I’m going to go rest for now.

Wiggles and Wags



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