I ran free!


Wow what a week! 

Mama has been letting me off the leash and calling me back, she says I have been doing really well.  So today mama decided that because the big yellow thing in the sky was out and it wasn’t hot, that we were going to he park. Now I don’t know what that work means, except that my new brother Blaze gets super excited about going there . 

Today mama let me get out of the car, at the park, without my leash. I was really confused at first because there were all these new smells! Boy oh boy and the trees and then we go down this flat thing and there was all this grass, lots and lots of grass! 

Mama says to Blaze “Blaze show Lucy what to do” and then all of a sudden he runs free! So then I ran free! Wowie, was it ever exciting. I got to roll in the grass, run in it, stand in it, and best of all chase Blaze in it! He took me to spots where there were trees and dirt! I was too interested in everything else to even hear the funny sound that seemed to have mama’s attention. 

Mama said that we had to get going because some strange voice kept making sounds like mama was, it was getting a bit confusing to hear mama say stuff to Blaze and I; then some “voice” got super loud over a speaker type thing copying what she just said. I saw mama get upset because she couldn’t find where the person was, I bet they were hiding in the bushes or something, not cool mean person! GRRRRRR!

As we were making our way back to the car, mama starts talking to this man who was on a riding thing, across the gravel, turns out he was making it ready for a game with a ball. I think she was wanting to see if it was him making the noises that we had heard, but it wasn’t. 

We finally get back to our car and mama says that the car that was once there when we got there was now gone; she said this was also the direction where the scary voice came from and thinks it was probably them who did it. 

Stupid people, don’t scare my mama like that! She even called my daddy who is far away, to tell him where we were in case something bad happened! Next time, I’mma going to growl and bite you! 


Wags and Wiggles!


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