Mama’s special place


Mama took me back to her special place, she says its where she feels close to her fur baby Rizzo, she says it is hard to believe he has been over at the Bridge for 6 months now.  She says she feels closer to him when we go there. There’s also two big animals there, I’m not too sure about them, they kinda scare me. Mama says one of them is named Phoenix and the other horse I’m not sure. Today they were very playful and well I was just happy to be on the opposite side of the fence! 


Mama always smiles when she sees me running free, my brother Blaze runs free to; its truly THE BEST feeling!! I’m still scared very easily, so I do stay close to mama. But mama always tells me to run fast, to go be happy, and before long I am gone like the wind! I start to run super fast and go around things sharply! I like to look like I am flying!!

Tonight, Jingles (the cat), Blaze, Cinder, Ella and I (Miss Lucy) all got to enjoy our raw dinner. Mama took pictures to show everyone how much we enjoy our raw diet. 





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