I’ve been wanting Mama to myself

Mama has been getting very stern with her voice at me, especially when I block Blaze from coming to sit on the bed or sit with mama.  I know that mama is getting tired of me doing this constantly, but I don’t know what to do about it. I know I love her lots but I know she loves Blaze and the others a lot too. She has used a really big word…. Territorial. I guess that means I see mama as “my property”. 

Last night when Blaze went to jump up on the bed, I crowded around him, and he growled and I growled. But Blaze wasn’t going to move from his spot and I certainly wasn’t going to either. Then mama stepped in between us and said in her loud voice ENOUGH! I stopped right away and looked up at her, Blaze stood in his spot and mama put him in his big kennel so that we couldn’t continue to be growling at one another. She didn’t pay any attention to me, she said that she didn’t want to give the impression that I was a “good girl” and Blaze was a “bad boy”. Mama has said that from here on in, I too will be going into my kennel (even though I hate that thing), when Blaze and I get into growling arguments; she said that she has lots of experience with Blaze’s sister Destiny fighting with their mama so she knows how quickly things can change. 



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