Going to help out

Today mama, and daddy (yay he’s finally home!!!) Blaze and myself are going across the border to help pick up some of my foster dog buddies!  http://www.out-of-the-dog-house-rescue.com/ 

Every so often we help out by bringing over as many vetted, adopted and/or to be fostered dogs as we can, so that they don’t have to die. That’s how I met my mama! Sure we have our good days (mostly) and a few “trying” days, but we always work them out. I live with 3 cats and my “brother” Blaze, who can be a cranky pants (that’s what mama calls him *grins*), but he’s also pretty cool too. 

Mama has been taking pictures of me again! She has one of me sleeping on my back, I look like I am suntanning lol!



Mama wants to upload this special sign she saw, it speaks volumes, we think!


Have a Paws-itively Awesome Day!

Wags and Wiggles!



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