Sunday Chronicals

Ruff!! How are my fellow paw friends? Well life has been pretty good lately! Mama has been very busy and I know I have been going to new places to sniff and play with my brother Blaze as well as enjoying my raw food diet! We even got to try duck this past week! Oh my gosh it was good! 

Mama did have a spell with me recently. It seems I get growly when anyone goes on the green belt across from our house. Even though it isn’t “mine” I feel like it is! Well recently, I got upset and mama and the neighbor looked like they were not saying some very nice words to one another. I got in trouble for not listening (I am not supposed to go anywhere without my leash) and so mama has said that Blaze and I are not allowed to go outside without our leash on. I sure hope mama doesn’t get in trouble with the people who look after the property where we live. 

This morning we went for a nice early morning walk before the sunshine came out. Mama in her bare feet and jammies, with Blaze and I. We walked to the park across from the school near our house. Mama always lets us off our leash as she said it is safe there as it is all fences in. I love being able to run freely, I have noticed a dog on the other side of the fence, but he seems very shy. I’ve overheard mama say to daddy that she has wondered if the dog is ok, because he seems so frightened and looks underweight. I sure hope my fellow canine is ok and not in any harm. Mama gets very passionate about animals not be treated nicely. 

Mama learned something about why I would go to the bathroom near the cat’s litter box. Seems I think of it as my own bathroom! Now I know I don’t mean to, but it does make sense, after all, I see the cats go in there and come out, there must be something I’m supposed to do! Mama says I go outside. 

Well I know this isn’t much for a Sunday Chronicals but we thought we would share what’s going on so far!


Wags and Wiggles!


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