Raw Diet and Obesity

Well we went to the vet yesterday, seems I’m overweight 32.4 pounds! Gasp! My brother Blaze is 35.8! So Mama talked to the vet and we really discussed how animals in the wild eat, how they have survived on not necessarily eaten everyday. 

So last night Mama worked out with Daddy how much I and my brother are to eat. Well after going from lots and lots of food, we are on a little bit. (for my grown ups they both are getting 1/2 a pound a day, so it is 1/4 a day). Mama is hoping that no long term joint issues will be a problem, but from the other doggy friends she has been talking to, it looks like everything will be ok. 

Oh and our treats, although we don’t get much anyways, are being reduced too. We get dried duck liver, have I told you how yummy it is! WOW, is that stuff great! 

My brother had some blood taken yesterday to test his thyroid and cholesterol. The vet called yesterday afternoon and said that his thyroid is all of 17, which is very very good! Mama is thrilled because when he was on kibble, and having allergy issues and stuff, his thyroid was borderline and the vet put him on thyroid medicine. Now, we are on Raw and he is doing much better. His cholesterol is right in the middle, which is also wonderful! I’m very happy because that means my brother is going to be with us for a long time. 

Yeast! Yes, that constant itching that we get when you see us licking our toes or constantly scratching our ears? Well Blaze has that problem, so mama said that we can’t have not only beef or chicken, but we can’t have turkey either. It does something to Blaze that makes him scratch and lick a lot. So mama has medicine for Blaze that will help him a lot. I’m glad about that too. 



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