Clipping Toenails

Hey, this is Deigo and I have a ton to say about getting my nails clipped!

Momma has tried to clip my nails and I don’t like it! It upsets me, makes me squirm, yell and wiggle every where! I know she means well, but it really scares me! Its very hard because I can’t tell a human why this upsets me so much :(. She said that she feels I must have been hurt by someone for me to be so scared. 

Well after asking other people what was best, Momma was going to take me to this place where she says she takes my fur brothers and sisters to. Yet Momma’s human cousin, who happens to be a person who works in a special clinic with other furies, said she would come and help out. 

Well today T came and gave Momma a hand. T, is super nice, she was friendly, she kept playing and talking with us all.  Then she brought out those sharp things! Momma held me close, she said super nice things to me and then I felt the clip on my back toe. I wiggled around and again Momma held me down and said that she would give me some treats if I let T clip my nails. That didn’t help much *snickers*

T said perhaps we could put my thundershirt on? So Momma puts that one me and I got a treat! Woof Woof! 

Then T made a big fuss of me and as Momma gave me a yummy treat, T would clip my nails. At first I was sooo happy with the treats I didn’t even notice what was going on. But THEN I got mad and tried to nip T. I had had enough! No more nail clipping! uh uh, no way! So T and Momma waited a bit and I was panting in Momma’s arms and they talked calmly and nicely to me. I buried my in Momma’s arms, I was so scared! But once we went back to the last of the clipping and Momma giving me some of my raw food as a treat, we were all done! 



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