Have you seen our buddy Dexter?

My friends at Out of the House Dog Rescue are looking for our fur buddy Dexter:



This is a current photo, the tags that are on him, he is wearing today. 

If anyone in Ladner can help us search I would be so grateful. He is young and scared. He was last seen running down 64th street – he looked like he ran into the field and headed off toward 72nd??? Our Fur momma Kim, cannot get out and help to search for him because she recently had surgery and isn’t able to drive. Any help would be appreciated!

As of Monday morning, Kim has contacted the following:

  1. Community Animal Shelter
  2. Non Emergency Police
  3. Public Works
  4. Pet Stores
  5. Letter Carrier
  6. Community Center
  7. Posters are up at Vet Offices
  8. Contacted Petsearchers Canada  http://www.petsearcherscanada.com/about-us/

We would like to give a Woof Woof to Susan Patterson for hiring Petsearchers Canada! We are sitting on pins and needles sending out positive woof vibrations that Dexter is found and comes home safely! 

Wags and Wiggles!


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