Update on DEXTER

ImageAbove is my fur friend DEXTER. He has been missing for 3 Whole Days Now! Dexter’s momma is so very sad and is missing him terribly! Everyone in Dexter’s family, friends, and where he lives have all been out looking for him! DEXTER, you are so loved very much! 

Below is DEXTER’s best girl, her name is BECKA. They are bonded, meaning they are best friends, they play together, hang out together, they love one another. Right now Becka is very sad and has been moping and laying by the door in the hopes that her best fur guy will come home!! 






Thank you to everyone who has been out searching the fields, the local airport, posting posters on the various stores, community center, local shelter, non emergency police, public works. PetSearch needs a fresh sighting though, so that they can bring their bloodhounds out to track DEXTER’s scent. Here is the link for Missing Pets in BC https://www.facebook.com/MissingPetsInBc

There is worry and fear that with the coyotes in the surrounding area and with DEXTER not having street smarts, that he is a prime target for them. He has never spent a night outside til this happened on Sunday!!  We have just been trying everything including the radio stations, but they direct us to our local shelter Delta Community Animal Shelter https://www.facebook.com/pages/Delta-Community-Animal-Shelter/196492726212?fref=ts. However, momma’s friend Kim is in direct contact with them and checks with them often to see if DEXTER has been brought in and so far nothing!! 

Come Home DEXTER!! 


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