Gone Too Soon

It is with sadness that I update that Dexter has been found, but not the way we all wanted….

Mama received a message from Dexter’s mom yesterday saying that Dexter had been found that morning Dexter seems to have gotten caught in the tide and drowned at Boundary Bay (see where he was, which was far from his home, there is a Bay not that far. Somehow Dexter had found his way there. Mama says she wonders if he was thirsty and went there for a drink of water?). Dexter was not a “water dog” and the area is sandy and Dexter’s paws may have gotten sunk in the sand and he couldn’t get them out to leave the beach.   My mama is very sad. She knows Dexter’s mama devastated. Our pack feels so heartbroken for Dexter and his family. 

Mama’s friend has just shared an update from the man who found Dexter, we would like to share it here:

I wanted to share with you all what Michael posted about finding Dexter for our family yesterday.
Very kind heartfelt words. 
In the world of rescue, we hear so many horrible stories, well here is a fellow that renews my faith in people.
Thank you again Michael.

Please take 2 minutes to read how my morning went today – I hope you find it worth while…….

Sad Day for a Family on Boundary Bay………. some of you will remember my recent post that today is opening day for waterfowl hunting in Greater Vancouver, so yes I was up at 6am and headed out to my site on Boundary Bay. All this fantastic weather we have had is awesome, but terrible for duck hunting, so it was a quiet morning. After a couple of hours, what little action I had seen had died out and I moved to another site, 10 minutes driving away, that I had scouted a couple of days ago. I had never hunted at this new site, so I was anxious to give it a try. As I entered the area I met two fellow hunters leaving the area who lamented the terrible opening day – they hadn’t shot one bird between them. I hummed and hawed and flip flopped 3 or 4 times about making the walk out, but couldn’t shake the idea of checking things out. At the very least, I thought, it would be a good day for a walk. I headed out, way, way out on the mud flats as it was a very low tide. Yep – no birds. Deader than Elvis. I sat on a log for a minute or two and scanned the horizon and saw what I thought might be a seal – not moving – maybe sun tanning. What I found was a beloved family pet – a medium sized black and white dog – lifeless. What a sad sight. He had a collar and a name tag with a phone number. I dialed my Blackberry and a woman answered. “My name is Michael – are you missing a dog named Dexter?” “Yes we are.” “I`m afraid I don’t have good news……..” I explained what I had found to the woman and asked if they had kids – they had two. I let her know he was still in good enough shape for the family to say a proper good bye. She asked if I would carry Dexter for them and I said of course I would and told her where on the dyke her husband could meet me. I was probably a kilometer out in the mud flats, so it was a pretty good hike with the dog and my gear and by the time I had got to the parking lot, the husband, Terry was parking his Suburban. By this time I was carrying Dexter on my back and as I approached Terry I removed my hat and sun glasses, shook his hand and sadly told him how sorry I was for their loss. It looked like he had been crying all the way there and hadn’t stopped. Both he and his wife said that bad news was better than no news and that they were relieved they knew what had happened to him. Dexter was 2 years old and had been a rescued dog from Texas – looked to be a Border Collie mix with a short hair. Dexter had been missing since last Sunday and they had even hired a helicopter to scan the shoreline looking for him. Terry could barely stop crying enough to keep telling me how glad they were that I found him and that I had phoned – he must have told me 6 or 8 times. I could understand why Terry kept petting his lifeless pet, but I couldn`t figure out why I was instinctively petting this dog as we talked about him. I spent maybe 10 minutes with Terry and he kept relaying the same, relieved message through his grief stricken tears and sobs, over and over again. Anybody who has owned a loved pet, like me, knows exactly where he was inside. It was all I could do not to cry along with him. We put Dexter in the back of his truck and after a few hugs and handshakes, said goodbye. As I was packing my gear up – there was no way I could hunt anymore after that – he stopped by to thank me once again and get my name and number and to tell me what a wonderful gift I had given his family. It is so sad that I or somebody else couldn`t have found the little guy sooner, and alive, but I never the less, the act of trusting my inner voice that kept pulling me out onto the mud flats lead me to be able to give this family a wonderful, but solemn, gift. Sometimes we do things that make no sense or seem to have no hope of being fruitful, only to find out later there was a bigger plan, that your intellectual reason for doing something is actually meaningless, but there is a deeper reason than you haven`t comprehended yet.
Today was just one of many days hunting – many get lost in a collage of days hunting – all fun and worthwhile, but a month or year or decades later they become fuzzy, blurred, fond memories. Today is a day I won`t forget anytime soon – likely ever. And the one duck I brought home today (I was one of the lucky ones today) will be forgotten as quickly as we eat it, but the dog I found today, and the family that mourns him, weigh heavy on my mind and won`t be forgotten………..
One final note, Dexter’s mama has asked that we vote for him in the cutest dog contest. Won’t you, as one final tribute to Dexter, lend your vote? Please share with your other friends and let’s make Dexter’s memory one to always remember.
I forgot I entered Dexter in the King of Floors cutest dog contest. Here is the link, please vote for him. I would love for him to be the cutest dog.
Please vote for him… 

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