Unconditional love


Woof! It’s Friday!! Time to do a happy dance!

We going to do a blog on the new booties mama has picked up for Blaze and ask how many of our fur buddies wear them when they go outside? Do you find them comfy? What about those jackets that I see other dogs wearing? Mama has a warm fuzzy one for all of us, they don’t feel too bad.

Mama said we should write about unconditional love. So that’s why the picture is above, its how we really feel in our pack. We all admit, we are spoiled rotten. Mama takes such good care of us, she gives us love, she is patient with us, she works with us, cuz most times when we come to her, we have been through some stuff that isn’t very nice. Its like she just knows how to take care of us.

Right now we have two new friends that have been added to our pack. Boy have they been through a lot! Yet, mama has taken it all in, even with potty training again! She doesn’t get mad? How cool is that? She and Daddy just wipe it up, make sure it is clean and it is done. Often they will take us outside right afterwards, just to make sure we don’t have to still go potty.

We as a pack (that would be Blaze, Lucy, Diego, Toby and Belle. Not to forget our kitty pals Jingles, Cinder and Ella), all can agree that this is the best home we could ever be so lucky to have. She reminds us how much she loves us, Daddy too!

We always hear the words “your safe now” and “mama loves you”. It’s so nice to hear, given that we can’t tell you some of the stuff we have been through. I know mama and daddy said that sometimes they can tell we have been through something traumatic and their hope is that we will all realize how much love and understanding will go a long way.

Some people may think that there are too many in our house. In fact mama knows people say stuff, but at the same time, we have neighbors who really appreciate what mama does for us. She says that rescuing and helping our fur pals get out of those bad situations with rescue organizations, is very rewarding. She says that when she takes our fur pals to their awaiting foster and adoptive homes, it brings such happiness to her and to daddy to.






2 thoughts on “Unconditional love

    • Awe thank you! No, the time when our pets go to the Bridge, is definitely not easy. However, I really feel my boy Rizzo taught me so much about rescuing others has been invaluable and so rewarding! Thank you for the visit 🙂

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