Nails Nails Nails

Lucy here, mama decided today was the day to cut my nails. Last time I had them cut, I went to the vet. She was a super nice lady and it didn’t hurt at all.

Mama has been wanting to cut my new fur brother Toby’s nails for a few days now. She says that because he is very scared, she has to take things slow with him.  He also has black nails, which is new for her and wants to make sure that she doesn’t hurt him. 

So there are some tips that mama learned yesterday that she says she wants to share.

First she watched a very interesting and helpful video you HAVE to watch it! They have a rescue dog who is just like Toby my new fur brother! 

Mama posted on her Facebook page asking for tips and suggestions, boy did she get some great ones! 

  1. Turn the paws over so you can see the quick (that’s the line where our blood flow is)
  2. Wrap a towel around us, if we are super scared (it helps a lot!)
  3. Only cut one nail a day, so that we learn that nail cutting isn’t scary
  4. Please use positive words, because it is pretty scary to have this thing cutting our nails.
  5. If you want, we love foodie treats! Psst, they make a good distraction too!
  6. Some people use a nail file
  7. Some use a machine called a dremel with fine sandpaper. (mama says she doesn’t feel comfortable with this)
  8. Make sure to have some quick stop; or baking powder nearby in case you accidently clip the quick 
  9. If you are wanting remedies to treat nail injuries

So today Mama was able to cut my nails and one of Toby’s! Yay Toby!!


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