Stinky Skunks!

Blaze here, so its been about 2 weeks now that we have had to deal with a stinky skunk!  The first time we smelled him was in our house! Boy oh boy! I was mad, I wanted to go outside and chase him, but mama said I couldn’t *pout*. See, I’m a Jack Russell Terrier and its in my blood to chase and kill rodents. Mama usually takes me to the park and allows me to chase squirrels and birds and such. 

So pretty much every day I smell this skunk. Mama and I have gone around our yard and I smell it everywhere! I even smelled it in our shed! I’ve sniffed and sniffed and mama and I think we have found where it could be living, but we aren’t sure. We never hear anything, no rustling, no babies, no skunks themselves, just a hole that has been made underneath our next door neighbors shed. Daddy measured it a while back and said that it wasn’t big enough to house a rodent, so we didn’t pay any attention to it. But now, even after the neighbor has put big rocks and wood to block the skunk from going in there, it only seems to continue digging. 

Mama went on the internet and googled how to get rid of a skunk. Well she found out that you can use mothballs! Wow! Daddy says we will try that. However, if anyone is going to use mothballs, please be careful, they are not a natural recipe and can be harmful to humans and pets that is why its recommended you keep them outside, and inside a protected cup with vents in the side. Use as a last resort (or temporarily) when all else fails.

We thought we would share some home remedies for getting rid of nasty skunks instead!

Home Remedies for getting rid of Skunks

When threatened, skunks may spray the odorous liquid on people, pets and things in home. Some of the home remedies to get rid of skunk smell or odor are:

  • When your pet is a victim of skunk odor take the following ingredients: 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap and mix thoroughly. Apply this immediately and rinse the pet off with warm tap water. Your pet will smell fresh.
  • To get rid of skunk odor on ground or any part of house, first remove the source of odor and ventilate the area with fresh air. Wash with water and apply deodorizers to the source. You can also use air fresheners to mask the odor.
  • When fabrics are attacked by the foul smell use laundry detergent to remove the odor  Any cleaning fluid or household chlorine bleach can be helpful in removing the odor.
  • Change the air filter and clean the air conditioner after cleaning the odor spot because they become contaminated with skunk odor and continue to disperse smell. So cleaning them or replacing them can help in removing the odor completely.

If you have a skunk, like we seem to and you want to keep the skunk away….

Remedies to keep skunks away:

  • Skunks feed on food remnants and garbage. Do not leave the pet food outside as this can invite skunk to your home. Ensure that trash and garbage cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • To protect your garden from skunks, spray hot pepper and water on fruits and vegetables. This effectively deters skunks and other invaders.
  • Remove large woodpiles and cover all ditches and holes. This prevents skunks to make a den under them.
  • If skunk comes in home, flood the area with light. They are nocturnal and prefer to stay in dark. This makes skunk leave the place immediately.
  • Erect barriers and enclose the area with 3 foot high mesh fencing with chicken wire. As skunks don’t dare to climb, this helps them keep away.
  • If a skunk has made den, sprinkle a light layer of flour, chalk or other white powder around the den when it is out. Wait until nightfall. The skunk won’t step in and then close the den immediately.

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So it looks like daddy will be getting a light that turns on when there is movement, and we will be using flour or some other kind of stuff to keep this skunk away! 

Have a grrrrr ate day! 




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