Picture Time!

Boy oh boy have we been busy around here today! This is our third blog today! Mama just took some photos and wants to share our progress :). We lub her so much!!

So about 2 months ago, mama put Lucy (me) and Blaze on a weigh reduction program. Since we are on a raw diet, mama worked out the amount allowable for our breed and height. 

We want to show you before and after pictures. We aren’t done yet, but we are doing amazing! Mama is so proud of us. We have a lot more energy, we are playful, we sleep better, and we are just happier. I’m so glad mama switched us! from kibble. Mama also said that with many recalls of kibble, she doesn’t feel that it can be trusted, not to mention Blaze’s allergies. Oh and my brother’s allergies are doing much better, he still has the odd flare up, but nothing like he once did. 

Lucy Before August 2012



Lucy 2 months later – October 28, 2012



Blaze before August 2012



Blaze 2 months after October 28, 2012 



Mama says I have about 5 pounds to go and Blaze has about another 8 pounds to go. We also have great looking teeth, very little in plaque because of the bones mama gives us. She gives us choices from lamb, bison, elk etc. as well as deer and elk horns to chop on. 

We have allergies that make us super itchy so we don’t have chicken, turkey, duck, or beef. No grains either.  We also don’t have anything with hormones in it. Just the meat and its organs. We also have this yummy stuff called tripe. Mama says it really stinks, but we all think it tastes grrrrr ate! 



Happy Sunday Fun-day!! 

Wags and Wiggles! We all lub you and thank you for following our blog. Please comment as mama lubs to comment back and follow your blog too! 


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