2 years ago today

Just shy of midnight tonight, our beloved pack member Teo, was hit by a truck moving at very fast speed (faster than the posted limit) as he was coming back across the road, and killed. He died in our mama’s arms. Below is Teo’s story.

Teo had been a rescue that mama had for about 18 months. Teo is very much like our pack member Lucy, which means she is funny, soft, kinda bossy sometimes *snickers* but above all else very loyal and loving to mama and daddy. She is playful with her pack too. 

On Oct 30, 2010, Teo, Blaze and Rizzo had been let out for their final potty of the night. Mama was out there watching them. After the 3 of them were done, she let them all in, but Teo hadn’t come with the rest of them, so she went to our yard and saw that he wasn’t there. Confused, she went and started calling for him. He didn’t answer…..

Mama remembers Blaze had been sniffing around our home. He appeared to have picked up a scent of what must have been a rodent. See where we live we are surrounded by trees and lots of land in some spots. It isn’t unusual to see the odd possum or skunk; sometimes you can see deer and at night you hear the coyotes. 

She called to her angels asking for them to tell her where Teo went as this was not typical behavior of him. He seldom left the yard, and he always came when called. 

Something inside mama said to get into her car and drive around our neighborhood. Very quickly she realized that Teo was across the street! Instantly she turned the engine off in the parking lot out front, she said she didn’t want to draw attention to the truck as she didn’t want Teo running across the street in traffic; so she waited. Then not a moment later, Teo decides he is coming back across the street towards mama. She waited with bated breath, hoping and praying he would make it without being hit. See the road is a main highway and at times traffic is sporadic and other times it is quiet (late at night). When this all happened, it was at 11:30-11:45 pm, so it was going in spurts.

He was so close, a mere half step and he would have been on the side of the road, away from the road itself and into mama’s arms. But a yellow jeep was travelling way too fast for the posted speed limit and hit Teo on the right front shoulder and we think lung as well. He cried out instantly, mama ran for him, putting him in her arms, holding him close. She says she spoke softly to him, telling him that she loved him with her whole heart, that she didn’t want him to die. She said she was so sorry for not seeing him leave the yard, that all she wanted was for him to make it. 

Mama decided to go and sit in the truck and turn on the heat, Teo was shaking and mama said she didn’t want him to be cold anymore. As well, she said that he wasn’t going to die on the road, where it was cold and rainy. Mama gently talked to Teo, he was gasping for air and mama held him close, she knew he wasn’t going to make it. 

Suddenly the man who had hit Teo came back and asked if he was ok! Mama angrily said “no, he was dying in her arms”. He tried to say he didn’t see him and mama had said if he wasn’t going so fast maybe he would have. He tried apologizing but mama was too upset to notice. 

Teo a very short time later, died in mama’s arms.

It should be noted that as mama was on her way to Dr. C’s office to have Teo cremated. She had thought that something must have grabbed Teo’s attention; she figured it may have been the rodent that Blaze had smelled last night. Why, you may be asking, because a possum lay dead across the street, up about a block, most likely killed by a vehicle and most likely is what caught Teo’s attention in the first place.

Ever since that day, not a possum has been seen around our home. 



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