Help for the lost ones

Mama here, today I thought I would write on today’s topic, since I do a lot of work with helping animals find you homes, or existing homes if they have lost their way.

As you know many have been following the tragedy of Superstorm Sandy that hit the East Coast on Monday. Up further towards my native land Canada, Sandy made her final stop. Through social media I have seen numerous photos and posters looking for lost pets, people who have found pets and all hoping to reunite them with their loved ones. 

Last night on NBC there was fundraiser to help those affected by Sandy’s destruction. While I am pleased that there is an outpouring of support for our friends down on the East Coast. My fear is that my fellow Canadians are possibly being forgotten as well as the many dogs, cats and other animals that were left homeless in Sandy’s devastation.

The Canadian Red Cross is helping everyone affected 

For the many animals separated by the storm, there are pages on Facebook such as National Disaster Search Dog Foundation They have tirelessly been out searching and finding people, who in many instances wouldn’t have been found, had it not been for a dog named Marsi 

For those who are wanting to find their lost and found pets, check out this  page on Facebook Sandys Pets I see that a basenji has been reunited with his family yesterday! How wonderful is that!!

There is another page that is for free called Helping Lost Pets

I’m glad to see that pets are being reunited with their owners, however, much more work needs to be done in rescuing, fostering and adopting. The main goal is reuniting as many as possible with their owners. Imagine if it were you, lost, scared, alone, looking for your owner. I know I would be scared senseless. 

So please pass this blog around, let’s get the word out that these links exist, that there is help and hopefully, many more dogs and cats (and other animals as well), will find their owners anxiously waiting for them to return. 

I know for me, just feeling my dog’s kisses on my face, the rub of his face on me as he rests his head against my chest, will always make me feel calm and at peace.



5 thoughts on “Help for the lost ones

  1. Hopping over from SITS. This looks like some really helpful info! I wasn’t impacted too badly by Sandy (I live in Northern Michigan), but I have friends who were. Thanks for spreading the word. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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