Awe Mama Do I hab to??

Blaze here, and I am some annoyed. See mama says I have to wear these things on my paws, because I won’t stop licking.


Now I know that I’m licking lots because my paws are itchy. Mama says it isn’t a food allergy because she has me on a raw diet and I’ve been eating berry good for a while now. So it most likely is the rain. Mama says I have to wear my outdoor boots too!

So tell me, do any of my furry blogger furiends wear this stuff? I even have a coat to wear!

Well, I guess it’s because she lubs me so much, I just think I look funny.

Hey don’t forget to check out our Facebook page: We are listing and sharing as many rescue sites as we can, as well as helpful hints on what not to give us pets. Did you know that we are NEVER to eat mushrooms? Same with those pesky critters (geeish, I know, I know, the cats), they can’t either!

I’d love to see some of you wearing your booties and jackets!!

Wags and Wiggles!



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