We hate Mondays !


Oh Dog its Monday and we had a clock change too! *sigh* no wonder we are so tired and grouchy. Why do we have to change the time anyways? All we know is it gets dark super early and THEN its still dark when we want to go outside!

First its the time change THEN when we went to go potty outside this morning BRRR! Who ordered the cold weather?! Blaze’s paw was sore so he didn’t go very far, because he started limping on 3 paws. Then Lucy, went out and did her stuff and ran back in the house. Belle and Diego would only walk on the pavement and touch the wet, cold grass when they absolutely had too! Do you know Toby is the ONLY one who wanted to actually go for a walk *snickers*. 


Tank Dog we aren’t going anywhere today. Mama says she has to go to the store and get us our raw food, we wouldn’t want to starve!  *dreaming about bones* ooo and Tripe! Love us our tripe! Mama says it stinks but we don’t care, the stinkier the better! Muhahaha!

Be sure to come and check out our Facebook page Wags and Wiggles https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wags-and-Wiggles, help us spread the word on rescuing, adopting and fostering. We talk about lots of really good stuff too!

So we are thinking of running a contest, however, we have never done one before! Anyone got tips on how best to run your first contest and what to give away? 



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