Woof! What a week! Pets being reunited with their loved ones, pets being adopted, fostered and rescued! What more can be done to make our FURRRIDAY even better than it has been! 

This week there were car rides with mama and daddy. Playing and romping around with our pack buddies and sleeping soundly at night knowing we are safe, warm and loved. Sounds pretty awesome to us!

Hey! have you checked out our Facebook page? No? Well, you better….. you can find out all the grrrrate tings we get up to, plus mama shares all sorts of very interesting tips and tricks to keep your dogs and pest (oops cats *blush*) safe. Now let me see, I push this long ting and oops not what mama wanted *hehe*.

Our Facebook page called Wags and Wiggles, mama says she started it after our pack buddy Rizzo went to the Bridge. Wow, mama says it will be 1 year next month that Rizzo has been at the Bridge! Time sure does fly, we hope he has some good friends  with him till we meet with him. I know mama misses him a lot. I see her with his chain collar that she has wrapped around a lamp by the bedside, often you will see her saying “good morning Rizzo” or “love you my boy”. 

Otay, back to business! Here is the link to our page

We are at just over 200 likes! *happy dances* we sure would love it if you all would share the link and let people know what a grrraaaate page we have! Fanks bunches!!  

Well, *yawning* it seems like a sleepy day today, I hear the snores of Blaze and yawns of Toby happening. Oh and Toby is  dreaming, his paws are moving *snickers* what a sweet boy he is! 

Have a Pawsome FURRRRIDAY! 




3 thoughts on “Its FURRRRRIDAY!

  1. Reading your post makes me think about my boy, Louis, who is also at the Bridge. I have his photograph right be me, as I write. I kept his collar and his favorite toy, Mr. Pig. So when I read what you’ve shared, I got misty-eyed. He was my child, my first “baby”, who I will love til the end of time tremendously.

    I automatically connected with you because I love dogs like you love dogs. And, just about any dog-lover that I meet or eMeet is alright with me! I’m so thankful for SITS… without them, I would have never found out about you. So glad I did! Heading over to o”Like” your FB page in a sec.

    Happy SITS Saturday! And Happy Thanksgiving too!

    PS PS Not sure if you have time. But I have an interesting, different kind of “Linky” thing going on that I thought you might want to know about, on Cater-Hater

    • Thank you so much Carlo for reading and enjoying our blog! We are heading over to go and read your link! I agree, if it weren’t for SITS we wouldn’t have met you either; we are so glad we have! Have a grrrrate Sunday! Woof! Woof!

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