Ruuuuuff, this is Blaze barking and today we have been napping, snoring, snuggling and getting lots of mommy kisses today! We were reading our Facebook page today and saw that our friend RumpyDog, June Bug and Malachi posting about gratitude and it got us barking and woofing about what we are all grateful for.

Well for starters we are grateful for, without them, mama wouldn’t have rescued Lucy, Diego, Toby and Belle. ❤

Being grateful is bery important! 

We are grateful for our mama, she has shown us what lub is really like. Even when we are chasing one another bery late at night and she is ready to get mad *grins*.

We are grateful for our daddy, who likes to let us all jump on him and give him licks and kisses ebery day *lub you daddy!*

We are grateful for being a new pack of 5. Never in our biggest doggie dreams did we think that we would all be together.

We are grateful for habing food, water, treats, leashes, car rides, toys. We got it so good here! 

We are grateful for seeing our mama always wanting to help out other furiends and getting them to places where they will be lubbed. 

We are grateful for our fur clothing that mama has bought us! Hab you seen our stylin’ jackets? WOOOF! 

We know that there is always stuff to be grateful for and we are, we so are. 


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