Today it was 10!

Today Mama and Daddy went on a rescue run down to the border.

Unfortunately Daddy became bery sick on the drive to get them. Mama said he started frowing up out of no where! It looks like Daddy has the flu :(. So mama had to take ober and do the rescue by herself. Whew was she busy!

We helped a new fur friend named Annie. She came from a not so nice situation and we have a photo to show Annie as of last night getting closer to the Canadian Border.


This morning she met her new foster mama and it was lub at first sight! We are so happy for them!

We helped to bring Walter, Lucy, Linus, Patti, Charlie, Diggy, Annie, Josh and a couple more!! Patti and Walter were going to the special place that will give them a nice bath and grooming. Poor Walter :(, mama said he was so scared! She was in tears when she left the good Dr. Sharma at 48th Avenue Animal Hospital – They are excellent and provide such great service and truly care about helping our rescues.

You can find Dr. Sharma and his staff at

Mama came home with a new doggie bed for us and a new kennel! Our girl Belle sure likes the new comfy doggie bed!

Rescue Animals



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