Sleepy Sunday!

Mama says today is a rest day, so we are having a bed and couch day with mama and daddy! Yay for Sundays!

Diego, Toby and Lucy 2012

So umm earlier today Toby and Diego were playin’ wif the cat’s toy and broke it! Bahahahahaha, dis white fluffy stuff was all ober the bed and floor. Silly cat, wonder if he will leave his cat nip toy near us again! 

Do you’s steal your cat’s toys or is it the other way around? 

Ohh Ohhh, hab you started makin’ your woofy good or bad list for Santa Paws yet? Mama says we have to make ours so she can make sure Santa Paws gets it in time. Wa Hoo! Hmm, we finks we should do a blog post on our wishes for Kissimas dis year! What do you fink? 

Hey our friends over at  Rumpydog hab been sharing letters from our other furiends who are pawing to Santa Paws.  Today’s blog post is sharing what Dede and Rumpy want for Kissimas! Mama says we hab to get our list done so we can share it too!  Be sure to check dem out! 

Merry Kissimas!!





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