A Friday Smile – Rescue Style!

Sierra, the fur packs mama. 

I thought I would share the rescue I am doing today, I hope it will make a few smiles come across your faces. 

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was on a rescue pull and another lady was there picking up a senior Shepherd/Lab Mix, her name is Annie and is 8 yrs old.

and this is her daughter Sydney, she is 2 yrs old. 

The story is one of sadness, fear , separation, loss, but has potential to be a story with a fairy tail ending…Annie is an 8 years old Shepard lab mix whose humans were critically injured in a house fire. Police brought Annie and her pup into a very high kill shelter in CA. The rescue organization saw Annie, but never knew about the pup until it was too late. Annie arrived in Vancouver after a 3 day transport – she was beautiful – scared and somewhat lame…but gentle. I assumed her baby had been euthanized because Annie was pulled on her last day to get saved…death was imminent for her if she didn’t get rescued.

A few days after arriving Annie was spooked and ran off into the darkness.. 2 days passed with bloodhounds tracking her until one morning a wonderful lady found Annie running on a busy street and patiently followed her and caught her. Annie went back to her foster and has been recovering well there…but the sadness continues…. Just this past weekend we were able to find Annie’s pup… she was ALIVE, and in a boarding facility in LA…showing the same signs of mourning that Annie is expressing… well… its Christmas and we needed a happy ending SO  tonight I am going to meet up with the transport vehicle with Annie’s baby (we will call Sydney) and bring her up to Vancouver, to be re united with her Mom. 

 Merry Christmas Everyone!


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