Sydney is here and we need help!

Mama here to update you on Miss Sydney’s arrival. 

Yesterday was a very long day not just for us, but for Sydney as well. We waited 7.5 hours before we were able to meet this beautiful girl. Weather related road conditions hampered scheduling times and of course traffic increases due to Christmas a matter of days away. 

Yes, Sydney is indeed here and what a very gorgeous girl she is! 



Here is an update from the organizer of Sydney’s transport as of this morning. 

“My wonderful foster took her home last night. Sydney met my fosters other German SHeppard and her ten year old daughter. Sydney is UNDERweight, has no leash training and is definately Annies pup …shy and not even knowing stairs. 

URGENT PROBLEM THOUGH….SYDNEY IS CAT AGGRESSIVE and my foster has 2 cats SOOOOOO…. A NEW FOSTER IS NEEDED ASAP for SYDNEY PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP 604 722 8550 and PLEASE share I really, really need help and FAST”

The foster says she is sweet, doesn’t bark and even stays in her crate at night. The only down side is she is cat aggressive. 

So let’s continue our teamwork and get the word out!! We need a Foster who can take Sydney, ASAP! 



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