An Amazing Morning!

Hai Hai!! Its Blaze here! 

Today has been a beaudibull day! Mama took me and my brofer Diego for a walk. Not just any ole walk either! She took us somewhere totally new and oh my dog you should have seen the trees! They had all dis white stuff on them! Oh and the air was super cold up yer nose too! But it was rawrsome! 



Mama was laughing cuz all I wanted to do was go in and out of those dippy things, Mama says those are ditches, or culverts. See, I remember when we lived on da farm those ditches had mice and sometimes other creatures would hang out there too! We also have coyotes around here and I’m sure I smelt them hanging around too! Wahooo!! 

ImageBlaze and Diego – Morning Walk Jan 2012

Mama took Lucy and Toby togefer but they is super scared. They don’t like the sound of cars and trucks on da road and so mama just took them on the route they comfy wif. 

Miss Belle, she is so funny! She had mommy all to her self! She and mommy played outside, did races, and all kinds of fun stuff. 

Its awesome in our world! 

Wags and Wiggles!! 



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