Annie Meets Sydney

To update everyone. A short while ago, I (Mama) helped with a rescue of Sydney. Prior to Sydney I was in on a rescue of Sydney’s mom Annie. 

These two dogs have been through so much in the last couple of months leading up to them being separated and now weeks later … reunited.  There is a video, but I am not able to attach it for some reason, however, there are photos of which you can clearly see the difference in Annie’s energy. 



Annieafterherreunion2012         Annie AFTER the Reunion!


Pure Love – A kiss between Mom and Daughter


Thank you Susan Patterson for making this happen

Tonight, someone said to me that I was a big part of this operation. Yet my answer was “no, not really.” Yes, I picked up Sydney and I waited 7.5 hours on a cold December night for her, but I’d do it again. You see, at the end of the day, it’s all about love, pure and simple. 



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