11 Dogs Rescued and 5 Eagles

Yesterday was Rescue day! We helped 11 dogs become safe and now are warm in boarding!! They will be going to their fosters later this week. 

This particular rescue was a big one. It was the first one since before Christmas. There were two transport vehicles, numerous rescue organizations were also there, waiting to pick up their dogs. The weather was very cold and rainy and we all just wanted to get our dogs out of their kennels, walked and then into a warm vehicle, with a clean kennel and blanket that was waiting for them. 

We saw several dogs that were 4 and 5 to a kennel. It was heartbreaking. But we knew that soon most if not all the dogs would be with their fosters soon and into warm homes. 

Rescuing gives you a whole new appreciation and perspective of the importance of adopting versus buying from a store or puppy mill. 

On the way to taking the rescued dogs to boarding, we were driving along and suddenly we saw this gorgeous bald eagle. He was really big! Then another and another and another. Before we knew it, we counted 5 majestic bald eagles!! 

They are absolutely beautiful! We’ve never seen that many at one time, unless it is breeding season. Given that it was a cold and rainy day, we were quite surprised. We smiled as we watched them up in the trees, preening and pampering themselves, not a care in the world. 

It was at that moment we felt blessed. Blessed to not only help rescue more dogs, but blessed to be able to see something so majestic that some may see everyday, but for us, it felt like once in a lifetime.



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