Daddy’s Home!

Blaze here!! 

Wa Hoooooo! Daddy’s home! 

Mama and I went on Tuesday to go and pick him up at the airport in Seattle. Boy what a long drive it was! My sister Lucy came wif us too! 

When we finally saw Daddy, OMD we were so excited, Daddy couldn’t gib us kisses fast enough! Boy oh boy it was sooo good to see him. Mama says he wasn’t gone bery long, but tell’s ya, it felt like fureber and eber! 

Its been nice to go fer walks wif our Daddy and Mama at the same time! 

My brofer Toby is a bit askeered tho. :(. He hasn’t seen Daddy for 22 days, and because he wasn’t treated bery well by someone, he takes longer to trust. But Daddy says no worries, he will come around again. 

Don’t forget to ADOPT and don’t SHOP when you are looking for a new fur friend! 



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