Happy Sunday Eberyone! 

Mama has been on getting us to exercise more. We hab been going for longer walks, in fact my brofer Diego and I (Blaze) went for a half mile walk today!! Woof Hoo!! I must admit I’ve been grumpier more than I usually am. Mama says that is usually when it is bed time and I wanna be left alone. 

So my sista Lucy and I are on food restriction (boo!). But mama says it is for our own good as I am 34.5 pounds of Jack Russell and my sista Lucy is 32.5. Mama was originally upset with this, but she figured out what happened and has since corrected things. One of the problems was we went back from eating raw to kibble. She also said she noticed that we all were going poo at least 3 x more than when we ate raw. So after talking with her raw friends, mama has decided to give it another go. We are well over a week into our food change and overall we all seem to be doing much better. 

Now as for dis exercise thing. I have decided that when we go for walks, because we walk by those ditches and stuff, back long time ago where I used to live in Alberta, we lived on a farm. I used to chase all kinds of things; rats, mice, deer, moose, elk. We also got to eat the kill, so when we do these walks down the country roads, not only is mama happy but we are so happy Diego and I. There are these other dogs we see, who are always social barking. Diego wants to ALWAYS go over and say hello, but mama says that even though some are saying “hi”, they are protecting their homes and we are separated by a fence for a reason. 

Oh just a regular day in the life of Wags and Wiggles! 

Happy Sunday Funday! 




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