Sunday Catch Up!!

WaHoo!!! How’s eberybody doin’?

We’s sawwy for not writing more dis week, mama has been focusing on other stuff, but she has been keeping tabs on many different things to do with our fur buddies.

To date, since last Sunday’s adoption event, 3 of our fur buddies got adopted! *happy dances* wagging tails are going crazy over here! Today, we had another adoption event with great success!

  • Rally has gone for a sleepover


  • Cooper has gone for a sleepover


  • Trixie is at a sleepover and doing great, she and the cat are adjusting to each other 🙂


  • Wayne is getting ready for a sleepover next week with a lovely retired woman that is looking for a little companion, and Wayne fits the bill ♥



Mama says that she is doing a transport pick up tomorrow. She says we have 8 new brofer’s and sista’s coming up to go to new fosters! YIPEE!!!!

Fank you so much for followin’ our page on Facebook and for following us here on Everyday Wiggles. Your participation means so much to us!




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