Sunny Sunday Chronicles!

Happy Sunny Sunday Eberypawdy!!

Well we have had a jam packed morning so far! Blaze here, giving you all a peek inside our doggy world!

First off dis morning mama fed us our raw food! Oh today was a special day, we got to have a new fish called Halibut! We hadn’t had it before and while mama was getting it all ready for us to eat, she took a picture of dis tail! Lookie how big dat ting is!! Holy moly, Miss Lucy was already licking her chops and hoping she was going to get it!  Mama said not dis time, she will get it after it has been chopped up some, we don’t want anyone to choke or have troubles with eating it!


Then to make things even more happy dancing and tail wagging, we went to the Park!! Oh boy, do we love the park.

Here’s a little video mama took of us having a blast at the park this morning!

Oh fank you so much for the Sunshine today! We have had lots of grey rain and cloudy stuff, and today was such a treat! Can’t wait to do it again!!

Happy Sunday eberypawdy!!



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