So glad Gail Benoit is not getting what she wants

Gail Benoit, for those of you who don’t know is a woman convicted of abusing animals.

Some of the things she has done are:

  • Conned a litter of puppies out of someone in Cape Breton and conned a good Samaritan into transporting them
  • Offered to dog sit/board two dogs for a girl, then sold the dogs on Kijiji.

Other info:

  • Is currently in Shelburne and scammed a local church into paying her motel bill. 
  • She’s getting other people to post her ads on Kijiji lately, claiming she’s not good with computers. 

She’s renting a place in Waverley at 69 Beechcrest Drive. Her daughter is in on it as well sometimes, as far as I can tell (there is proof in a pic).

She’s going by many aliases, most recently “Ashley”. 

After doing some research, mama says that the media has now started reporting about her and here is a link:

Here is another link with a photo of who she is

Please keep your eyes open, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for I.D. if you are not familiar with the person you are talking to. Remember this woman was CHARGED 4 years ago with animal abuse!!



One thought on “So glad Gail Benoit is not getting what she wants

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