Off Leash Parks

Woof Hooo!! Blaze here and boy have we been busy! Mama and Daddy have been taking us for our daily walks and mixin’ it up with taking us to the park near our house too! It is pawsome being able to run free, chasing my brofer’s and sista’s! 

So yesterday, which for many of our “other” four legged furiends is Caturday (blech), mama and daddy decided to take us to some place called an Off Leash Park!! Oh boy, oh boy were we all excited! 

ImageSome pals at the Off Leash Park!

There is all dis space and it is all fenced in too! So many big dogs, that my lil sista Belle, she didn’t like dem berry much; my brofer Diego kept barking at all da big dogs that were running around, so mama and daddy said he couldn’t come off of his leash and halter. Somethin’ about having to learn and show them that he could be trusted. I dunno, all I know is I felt free as a bird, running and sniffin’ ebery where! 

Mama said that it was annoying to see poo droppings from the other dogs, when there are many spots to grab free pick up bags and such. They even have a hose and two large stainless steel bowls for all the other doggies to have fresh water from. There is a hose too, for all the ones who get dirty. 

Otherwise the humans and dogs all mixed well *snickers*. There is even a sign that says

ImageIt is so pawsome to see stuff just fer us dogs!! There were big dogs, little dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs. Even cute ones with jackets on!! OH MY DAWG!! I just have to tell you about the puddles!! I had the best bath in one! I even barked to tell eberyone about it!! 

Oh and my sista Lucy, she’s pretty shy, she didn’t leave mama or daddy at all! Well only to sniff and stuff. Diego, well he kept daddy busy and while he was doing dat, a nice lady came up to daddy and gave him some tips on how to help me stop being mean to other dogs! Thank you nice lady! 

Oh and my brofer Toby, OMD Toby rocked it!! He was so happy out wif me. He ran wif me, played wif me, and just had such a good time! I’m so happy he has come a long way from being the super scared boy when he came to our pack!! WTG TOBY!!!

Boy oh boy did we make the back of the car dirty, lol. Dat’s ok, Daddy got it all cleaned up and mama fed us some super duper treats (dried buffalo liver rocks!). Then I had to have a baff, mama said all my spinnin’ on ma bum and playing in the dirty water meant I had to get clean. Oh well, it was worth it! 

Happy Tails Eberybody!! 




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