Salmonella Food Recall

Morning Furry Friends and Followers! 

Mama here, I have been noticing that there have been a lot of food recalls lately and I see there is another one. This really makes me upset because manufacturers are playing with our pets lives! 

We picked up this bit of information from our friends on Facebook Pawcurious stated this morning. You can find Pawcurious here

affecting chicken and bully items from Target, Costco, Petco. Not related to the China recall. Looks like the plant involved was significantly contaminated.


The article link is I really encourage you all to read it!!

Upon further reading, we learned that this isn’t the first time this plant has has had recalls. In fact they have had 3 recalls at the end of last year! Now the FDA has put a warning on their treats! 

What’s it going to take for consumers to realize they can safely make their own treats for their pets? 

We do at our house, we use our dehydrator and take whatever cuts of fish, chicken, beef, moose, elk, deer (preferably organic when possible) and dehydrate them according to the temperature and time required. In the end you have jerky treats, with no chemicals, no additives that is healthy and you know in your mind that no harm will come to your pet. 

You don’t need a fancy machine, something as simple as this:


There are many different kinds of dehydrators, some are for outdoors, some come layered differently than the one above. The point is, you can make your own treats inexpensively!!

Sounds pretty simple to me! 


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