World Spay Day!

As part of my ongoing research on educating people about the rewards of fostering, adopting and volunteering. Mama is a HUGE advocate for spaying or neutering your pets. 

We received an email this morning, letting us know that today is a very special day! It is


We were shocked to read that up to 4 million cats and dogs are put down in the U.S. alone. Millions more suffer on the streets as strays.  Canada, about 1/10th the US population, euthanizes almost 1 million dogs per year and they keep better stats. That would put the US number up closer to the 10 million. 

10 MILLION! This just blows our mind! How simple it is to be a responsible pet owner and spay and neuter your dogs and cats. We know that sometimes owners want their pets to experience the process of coming into heat, being bred and producing a litter. However, there are rabbits, horses, dogs, cats that are strictly kept for this purpose! It’s just not right! So many of the pets we rescue have been alive strictly for this purpose! We have also rescued  dogs who have been pregnant right up to when they were dumped at a shelter and then their babies are killed as the mother is spayed! That happened to Miss Lucy! It makes us sick that someone could be this irresponsible! 

Thankfully, there are low cost clinics where you can now have your pets taken care of. The one we have used the most is Langley Animal Clinic. Their clinic is wonderful! Their primary services are spaying and neutering but do offer so many other services! 

Spay and Neuter Specialists

If you don’t own a pet but want to make a contribution, our organization Out of the Dog House Rescue would be thrilled to accept your donation! You can find us at

Your donation will be used for spay/neuter surgeries and promoting spay/neuter to end shelter overpopulation and save the lives of cats and dogs. You can also help our cause by donating to a shelter of your choice. 

One of our friends Rumpy T. Drummond is in a contest speaking on the value of Spaying and Neutering! Rumpy really needs your votes right now could you please go to and vote for him! He is currently 9th and we really want to move him to 1st! 




6 thoughts on “World Spay Day!

  1. My first apartment was a duplex, and my next door neighbor worked at a city animal shelter. In the summertime, when people brought in Rover or Fluffy because “we moved and just can’t keep him anymore,” I was horrified to learn that they were almost immediately euthanized. Dozens per day. Why? Because there are only so many cages, they had to keep them available for strays that might be reclaimed, and you can’t PUT 100 dogs or cats into a small enclosure.

    Vets say there is NO reason a dog or cat “needs” to have a litter – that is us humans putting our own emotions on the animal. People need to understand that for every adorable kitten or puppy your pet has, even if you find homes for all of them, there is another one being euthanized,

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