Great News!!

First off, it is gorgeous and sunny out! Feels pretty good after days of rain. 

Second, ROCKY is home and he is safe! He was found several kilometers from where he escaped! He was found this morning! Woot Woot!! 


Third Gail Benoit has been CHARGED! Some of you may recall (me) mama posting links about this woman who has been abusing animals, has been charged with prior felonies. Well here is the BEST news today!

**BREAKING** Just confirmed with Bridgewater police that Ms. Gail Benoit of Waverly has been charged with : Fraud, Theft and Impersonation – She will be appearing in Bridgewater Court on May 8th to be arraigned. Her charges are theft under $5000 and identify theft in case of stolen dogs that were bought in Bridgewater. Bridgewater is in Nova, Scotia. 

Copied from Facebook link

If I could make my way to Nova Scotia for a May 8th trial date, I would so be there. This woman needs more than just a slap on the wrist! She has been able to get away with this for far too long.



2 thoughts on “Great News!!

  1. I sincerely hope she is not treated lightly. She has such a bad history here in Nova Scotia. Her mis-deeds are well known. Good for you for getting this story and warning about her out there.

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