Hunting down a mouse!

Oh Doggie Do Its Sunday! 

Blaze here and boy do I have stuff to tell ya! On Friday night, our fur buddy Cinder (the cat), Daddy found him cornering something so he went and checked it out. It was a rodent! Yep a mouse! Well let me tell you I was all over that bathroom like it was nobodies business. I woke up momma (she knows me best at dis huntin’ stuff) and we went and searched around for the mouse, I hunted high and low. I picked up his scent and followed it to underneath our house, nope he wasn’t in there! But…. my nose found him under our shed! This is me back at it again today because daddy and mommy saw the little critter poke his head out right where I am! 

One of my happiest times is when I can be my real self! 

Image Image

Our neighbor also has a mouse problem. Seems hers is trapped in a mouse trappy thingy and she thinks it is underneath her tub. So I went yesterday and searched him out! I found his scent too. Woo Hoo 2 for 2! 

Ahhh, dis reminds me of my life on da farm! Oh man me and my momma and sista we hunted lots in the fields and around our house. We found lots of dem. 



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