Suntanning Monday’s

Good Evening! Well, early evening/ later afternoon! 

Blaze here, usually Monday’s are not that wonderful, usually dark and gloomy. But today nope, not at all! 

We went wif momma to her appointment dis morning and the breeze from the window was pawsome! I had my head out the window, cuz I always sit on momma’s lap and snuggle into her resting arm *grins*. I’ve done it since I was a baby. My sista Lucy came for the ride too. 

After momma was done, we went car riding home and the sunshine was so warm, we were panting! Momma always brings water for us. She’s so smart! She says that when it gets too warm we aren’t allowed to go car riding because it is not safe for us. 

So today momma happened to catch my sista Lucy and Diego with Toby peaking in there, napping in the sunshine BOL! Lucky bums! 




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