Shelter Challenge

Happy Friday Eberypawdy!!

We are writing today to ask all of our furiends to vote for our rescue organization Out of the Dog House Rescue.

This contest is called The

The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge — With Petfinder

contest goes until April 28, 2013.  We are going to copy and paste the Rules so that nothing is missed.

” (GGO) is proud to announce that “THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE SHELTER+CHALLENGE — WITH PETFINDER” will grant up to $100,000 USD in support and assistance to select domestic and international animal rescue and welfare organizations during the first round of voting in 2013.

THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE SHELTER+ CHALLENGE 2013 WITH PETFINDER.COM will start its first round of voting on January 7, 2013. This round will end on April 28, 2013. Some winners will be announced during the voting round (weekly and Flash Photo) and the rest will be announced on May 1, 2013.

Each participating animal rescue and welfare organization will be selected by and the Foundation prior to the voting period, and the eligibility of each organization is at the sole discretion of and the Foundation. No changes will be made to the list of eligible participating organizations during the course of each voting period without the full consent of, the Foundation, and The Animal Rescue Site.


Visitors to THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE will have an opportunity to choose from a list of select animal rescue and welfare organizations created by Visitors can cast one vote daily during each voting period to help pick the organizations which will receive support from


Funds are anticipated to be distributed in the following manner for the first Challenge of 2013 (January 7 through April 28): Grand Prize of $10,000 for the organization with the most votes overall (one prize); a Second Prize of $5,000 (one prize); and a Third Prize of $1,000 (one prize) will also be awarded. Nine Dark Horse prizes of $500 to $1,000 will be awarded to groups or shelter who have never won any Challenge grant before (nine prizes); Flash Photo contest will receive grants for $500 (eight prizes); Weekly Prize** of $1,000 for the organization with most votes during a specific week of the Challenge (sixteen prizes); and fifty-eight Regional Prizes including State Prizes of $1,000 for an organization in each U.S. state, and one in the District of Columbia, with the most votes in their region (fifty-one prizes of $1,000 each), five Canadian Prizes of $1,000 each for organizations finishing in first to fifth place in Canada, and two International Prizes of $1,000 for the two organizations finishing the highest vote totals located outside the United States and Canada

In addition, fifty-one organizations in the United States finishing second in their region (state or Washington, DC) will receive 100 vaccinations for animals in their care. Fifty-one organizations in the United States finishing third in their region (state or Washington, DC) will receive 50 pet beds for animals in their care. Fifty-one organizations in the United States finishing fourth (honarable mention) in their region (state or Washington, DC) will receive 20 pet beds for animals in their care. Delivery of these goods will be determined by Petfinder working with the winning shelters or rescue groups.

**Weekly Prizes: $1,000 will be awarded each week during the voting period for each organization with the most votes during that week (16 prizes of $1,000 each during the first voting period; participants are eligible for only one weekly prize during each voting period). Winners of Weekly Prizes are not eligible for Regional Prizes during the same voting period, but remain eligible for Grand, Second, or Third Place prizes as well as Flash Photo contest prizes.

Winners of the Weekly prizes will be announced weekly on The Animal Rescue Site and in The Animal Rescue Site newsletter emails. No organization may win more than one Weekly Prize during each voting period.

Organizations receiving the Grand Prize, Second Prize, or Third Prize are ineligible for Regional Prizes during that voting period. For example, if the Grand Prize Winner is located in California, the First Place State Prize will go to the organization in that state with the highest vote total after the Grand Prize Winner.

Dark Horse prize winners will be determined after all other cash prizes are awarded.


Staff and volunteers of organizations are allowed and encouraged to vote for their own organizations, subject to the one vote per person per day limitation. reserves the right to determine the final eligibility of each organization to receive funding and to audit, recount, and discount votes. The Animal Rescue Site reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any votes that appear to be (a) created by an automated system; or (b) fraudulent in any way.

WHEW! Now that we have the important stuff out of the way, please, please, please click the link below and vote for us!! Fank you!!!!!!



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