The Last 24 hours

Blaze here and Tuesday is just about at the end of the day. Boy oh boy have stuff been happenin’ here! 

Yesterday, Miss Lucy and Mr. Toby collided (accident though) and as a result Mr. Toby now has what momma finks is a sprained foot. You should have seen him hopping on 3 paws! He’s quick! Today fank goodness he is pretty much himself. 

Today hasn’t been a good day for me (Blaze) I’ve been having that nasty reverse sneeze thing going on. You know what that is right? Its when I sneeze and it sounds like a something is stuck in ma throat or nose! I don’t look very handsome doing it either! Momma double checked what could cause this and it seems either allergies (which I do have) and stress. Momma says it could be either one. Trouble is, I have to be wif mommy. I get anxious (mommy says that means scared) and I paw at her, I want to be in her arms, or being held. Momma says I only really ever do that when I don’t feel well :(.  Momma gave me some medicine (benedryl) because it is safe to take (our vet says so) and it helps wif two things – allergies and stress. 

Now, Miss Lucy is not being very nice to the other fur kids here at da house. She has been naughty wif being a bully. So Momma has put her in the kennel for a time out. She seems to think that she needs to boss eberybody and Momma and Daddy have both caught her being a meany. I sure hope it doesn’t last long, she could be spending lots of time in time out! 

Paco (who is now called Fritz or Fitzy) is fitting in well. He does have a cough and a lump that momma and daddy are keeping an eye on. Momma says she isn’t sure but he may have a cataract in one or both of his eyes :(. But that’s ok, she says she lubs him anyways. He is a handsome 10 year old chihuahua who lubs to cuddle and give lots of kisses too! He really likes Daddy a lot. 

Whew! Things sure have been a hoppin’ around here! 



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