Do you think your neighbors should HAVE to tell you when they put poison out? We do!  This is Lucy and boy am I mad!!

Where we live is in a community of modular homes. Mommy has said that there is a note that there has been an increase of rodents because the humans have been feeding birds and the rodents want the bird seed and such. Also, because of the rain we have had, the areas that became flooded, the rats are now moving into the area. So last week, Daddy was  working in the yard and he was using the weed eater. Well, he found a dead rat in our yard! EWWW!  

Now today’s incident!

UGH Mommy feels sick to her stomach! We just drove into our neighborhood, to a rat dying in our driveway. Blaze was flipping out because Mommy wouldn’t let him kill it! We wish our neighbors would answer Mommy when she asks WHO has poison down! Thank pawness the caretaker came and took care of it, mind you he killed it by booting it with his boot. 😦 We really didn’t need to see that, even if he was doing it for “humane” reasons. Now Mommy’s stomach is in knots and she can’t eat.

How do you get it through people’s heads that we need to know who has poison hidden? What if meh brofer or sista is in the yard (and Mommy says we can’t have it fenced per some contract agreement), chases the rodent and then kills it! Even wif shots, my brofer Blaze, who is awesome at killing rodents, what if he could get rabies (he has his rabies shot) or something worse?! 



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