Lexi and Paco!

Today is a big day in our house! 

Lexi is getting her staples out and Paco is having his stitches removed. Paco also has to have another x-ray to see what stage his skin cancer is :(. We are really hoping it is in the early stages, as he is such a joy to be around. He is playful and wags his tail a lot. He has filled out, where he was once skin and bones. 

Mama and Daddy are busy tomorrow with rescued dogs coming up. One is in the morning and the other is in the evening! We are going to a new boarding place called Silver Birch Kennels and we hear that Irene is fantastic! Thank you Irene for making our rescued dogs feel welcome and safe! 



Community Support for Oliver a.k.a. Buttons

We would like to thank everyone who has shared, “liked” and cared about Oliver and his cause. 

For every dollar donated, helps to get Oliver his surgery and allowing him a chance to live a happy and healthy life. 

Oliver had a rough start living on the streets of California.  He didn’t know where his next meal would come from, nor did he know where he would sleep.  Then to be picked up and put in a noisy high kill shelter, in a small kennel, surrounded by loudness of other dogs all desperate to find their forever homes
Our goal at Out of the House Dog Rescue, is to give Oliver every opportunity to know what love is and to start, we are raising funds for his surgery for his torn ACL. 





Yes, the dreaded “C” word. The one word we always hope our beloved pets or humans never ever have to deal with. 

Unfortunately, my furiend Paco who has been at our house for about a month now, mommy has learned his biopsy came back with skin cancer :(. He is a senior and so handsome, yes, even I as a boy dog can say my furiend is handsome :). Mommy says he is in the early stages of kidney failure and he has a heart murmur. I don’t know what a heart murmur is, but I do know if you were to look at him, you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with him. 

He has gained weight on his special food. His coat is shiny, he likes to play wif mommy and daddy too. Mommy says she knows that she shouldn’t think it, but she does hope that everyone is wrong and he will be a-ok. 

He goes to get his stitches out this week as well as have a special x-ray that will tell us what stage his cancer is. 

We as a pack know that Paco will be staying with us. He is happy here and we want him to feel the love he has been. We don’t want him in any boarding place where he can be forgotten and lonely. :(. He deserves far better than that. 

So if you could keep this special guy in your pawyers, we would really appreciate that. 



The Reward of Fostering Animals

Please help us create a brighter future for those that can’t speak for themselves. We are looking for good, solid foster homes right now! You don’t have to do long term, you just have to be a loving home that our dogs can feel safe, will go for walks and get exercise. Please email https://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-of-the-Dog-House-Rescue/208585425901723?fref=ts

With the recent events in Oklahoma this week, we are sharing a blog post by BlogPaws. 

It is a call to action 


Dear Fellow Blogger,

First, a huge thank you for being a part of The Blogger Disaster Response Network. The recent tragedy in Oklahoma is exactly why this network exists. Together our voices are amplified.
Second, BlogPaws, Pet360 and World Vets are teaming up using our Blogger Disaster Response Network (BDRN) to step up for Oklahoma. We’ve all seen the images of devastation and we believe as a team we can make a big difference. The largest need at the moment is cash. BlogPaws is reaching out to the BDRN and all the sponsors of the 2013 conference to pledge a commitment for Oklahoma. This <collective> donation will go to the World Vets who are assessing the needs on site to make the best decision on where the money will go – based on their work in past disasters.
Donations will be collected by World Vets here through 11:59 PM Tuesday, May 28th. The collective donation will be announced when the money is ready for delivery. Your help, coming together in a communal way, can make a huge difference overall!

We’ve created this badge for you to display on your blogs —> you can find it on the right hand side of my blog it is called Paws 4 OK. To read more about this cause, you can go here http://www.blogpawsbethechange.com/2013/05/call-to-action-team-up-for-oklahoma.html

Thank you.



Mama has been doing some really important stuff for our furiend Lexi lately. See Lexi has been very sick wif many bladder stones and bad teeth. Then when she went to have her surgery last Friday, the vet saw that she had more things wrong with her. Not only did she have 3 more stones in her bladder, but she also had a major infection inside her bladder from not receiving medical attention. 

Without hesitation, mama set up a fundraising event for Lexi to be able to have her surgery as soon as possible. It was clear without doing something, Lexi could very well die. 

Within a week, mama was over her original goal! Through the kindness of strangers and from the generosity of furiends all wanting to help get Lexi her surgery as soon as possible. Together, we all worked to share, donate and raise awareness of her plight.

Today her account was paid and what a feeling it is to know that all this hard work has paid off for Lexi. Who 4 days post surgery is doing much better than she was 2 days ago. She has moments when she feels like she is on top of the world, only to realize she can’t jump up onto the bed or go down stairs :). 

She is starting to show signs of happiness and joy in her life. Sure it will be a few weeks yet, before she will be up for adoption, but we know when she will, she will find her furever home very, very soon. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our furry hearts. 



Lexi had her surgery!!

Boy oh boy what a crazy day yesterday was! Mama and daddy had to take meh furiend Lexi for her surgery to remove those nasty stones from her bladder as well as the rotten teeth in her mouth.

Stones removed from Lexi's bladder May 17, 2013

These are the stones removed from Lexi’s bladder. They were caused by a bladder infection not treated. Her PH balance became unhealthy and the stones were created. The vet figures she has had these for about 4 months, with the bladder infection starting about 2 months before that.

To give a better idea of how big these are, here is a ruler showing inches of each stone.

Second pic of stones measured against ruler in inches May 18 2013

Lexi pulled teeth May 17 2013These are the teeth pulled from the back of Lexi’s mouth. She had 4 in total removed. The tartar and infection was so bad, her gums were not seen.

Lexi had a mass removed from her bladder as well. The vet says it may have been caused from the stones rubbing inside her bladder. It has been sent off for examination and hopefully it will be benign.

Today, Lexi is still a bit wobbly, but she is definitely on the mend. She had a good appetite and we see she is going to be a challenge to keep her from jumping up on the bed or walking down stairs. Her doctor said no to both. She does have that cone if she starts trying to lick her staples.

Staples after surgery May 17 2013 - Lexi

Mama says she can’t thank the many people who shared Lexi’s fundraising page and also to those who donated. Without them, this couldn’t have happened as quickly as it did. Mama says Lexi’s fundraising page is close to her goal of $2,500 and we are hoping to reach it as Lexi does need follow up vet appointments and antibiotics so her cystitis will go away.

Could you please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that her mass results will not be bad. That the results will be benign.

Fank you so much eberypawdy!



Animal Abuse

Recently Mama has been working on a fundraising event for our foster Lexi the pug. Mama says things have been going well and it wasn’t until Mama received Lexi’s x-rays yesterday, that the reality of just how large her stones are in her bladder really became real. 

Here is a copy of the message we put up on our furpage Wags and Wiggles.

“This is our furiend Miss Lexi’s x-rays that mama just received. These are the stones that are in Lexi’s bladder! Look at them, they are huge! 

Please help us attain our goal and get her the much needed surgery she needs!! 


I just received my foster, Lexi’s, x-rays of her bladder stones. I am attaching them so people can see what animal abuse looks like, as well as realize that our fundraising is real and we appreciate every one of you who has ever shared or donated to her surgery. For those that weren’t sure and now want to donate and share her fundraising page Image