Busy Days wif Rescuing!

Image Whew! We have been so busy the whole month of April! We were either picking up our newly rescued furbrofers and fursistas, or we were at adoption events! 

We can happily report that there are adoptions in the works of at LEAST 3 dogs and we do have 1 of our furbrofer’s who is going to be fostered! We are so berry happy for all of them! How can we not be! To not be in boarding, to be in a home, being lubbed and kissed eberyday!

Momma picked up 2 fur pals who were surrendered today. Their momma was berry sad, but it was one of those things where it was better for them to go to a home wif humans who can spend lots of time wif them. We do have one of the two has a problem wif peeing and blood comes out too :(. Tomorrow 3 of our foster furiends are going to da vet to get check ups and medicines. 

We can’t wait to share more of these pawsome adoptions wif you!! 

Happy Monday!! 



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