Honor and Integrity

Momma here and I have something to say! 

We recognize you all out there in bloggerverse are passionate about your causes as we are. However, when you take on to adopt an animal, sign the adoption contract, your money should be good and you stand behind it. 

We are very disappointed in the people who have taken on one of our dogs, sign the paperwork only to have your cheques bounce! What makes you different from anyone else? In my eyes, it is stealing and/or hoping that people forget you have one of our dogs and that you get it for free! 

Do you realize the work involved to rescue these dogs from high kill shelters? Do you realize how much coordinating is involved in meeting deadlines and timelines so all these animals are saved? 

Perhaps you need to become involved in transport, meet the many dogs coming across who are very dirty, sometimes needing so much love and attention, that you are covered in feces sometimes, but for us, the moment we reach those animals, none of that matters to us. When you take on a rescue, you take on all of the requirements. 

Please be real and honor your financial obligations to your dog! Otherwise we will be left with no choice but to take the dog back! 

Thank you! 


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